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Make moving easier

As your local U-Haul rental center, you can get any size of moving truck for short-distance and long distance hauls from Ferguson Enterprises Inc. Give us a call today to check on the availability of the size of truck you need.


Save yourself from the backache and be sure to rent a dolly. Whether it's boxes of books or fragile dishes, put our dollies to work for you and make moving heavy objects as easy as pushing a cart - a cart that can easily go around corners and up and down stairs at a moment's notice!

Make your reservation today!

With our reservation system, there's no need to wait until the last minute to rent your truck. Indeed, what could be worse than finding out they've all been rented already? All it takes is one quick call to make sure your truck is ready!

Truck rental services:


Reserve your U-Haul today:


• Truck rentals

• Van rentals

• Dolly rentals

• Short and long distance rentals

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Fergusons is a U-Haul distributor and can rent out anything from a push dolly to the largest U-Haul truck needed for everyone's moving needs.