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Ask us about  Ferguson Mountain tracts for sale!

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How do you want to spend your free time?

Stop on by Ferguson Enterprises Inc - not only do we have great food, affordable prices, and a family friendly atmosphere, but we also have a true Clyde tradition: the Liar's Bench. With breath-taking views, live music, and good company, you can't do better!


Whether you are looking for a perfect date spot, you'd like a nice quiet place to spend time with the kids, or you just want to relax, the Liar's Bench just may be the best seat in all of North Carolina!

Watch the Rattler!

With 32 miles of challenging Highway 209 stretched out ahead with all the twists, turns, and bends a biker could want, you can sit back and watch motorcyclists as they navigate their way through the Rattler!

Bench benefits:

Take a seat on the Liar's Bench and watch the bikers come and go from the Rattler!

Is the Liar's Bench open?

Call to check:


• Sit and talk

• Smoke and watch the sunset

• Play music

• Talk politics and make friends