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Ride the rattler CTA

HUGE TOURIST attraction for motorcyclists

The ultimate stretch of road for any motorcyclist, the Rattler is a destination for bikers from over 1,000 miles away! Test your skill and handling or enjoy a nice leisurely ride through some of the most beautiful stretches of land this great country has to offer!


With more than 290 twists, turns, and bends, this part of Highway 209 is the perfect combination of challenging mountain climbs and pastoral views. A 32 mile journey, you can take your time or put your tires to the test!

Watch the bikers in action!

From the perfect vantage point of Liar's Bench, you can watch bikers handle the curves, twists, and bends all while enjoying your lunch, live music, and good conversation. Stop by today - it's the busiest part of the season!

More about the Rattler:

View from bike on RTR-Ride the Rattler Page - Hero Bikes 5-Ride the Rattler Page - . Use this asset o

Check on the road conditions:


• Made specifically for motorcyclists

• More than 290 twists, turns, and bends

• Through the Pisgah National Forest

• Over the Great Smokey Mountains

Stop by today

This biker attraction brings thousands of bikers to Ferguson's Store every year, and in the eyes of the locals The "Rattler" is better than the Dragons Tail, The Snaker, The Devils Triangle and the Hellbender!