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Find everything you need

Don't waste time and energy at the big box stores - when you know what you need and want to get it fast, stop by our general store. With fully stocked shelves of everything from basic grocery supplies to work supplies, you'll find everything you need at Ferguson Enterprises Inc.


Our helpful staff is always open to new suggestions - if you really wished we carried a particular product, just let us know. We'll see if we can start ordering it for you! Stop by today!

Keep the pantry well stocked:

• Laundry detergent

• Basic grocery needs

• Homemade canned food

• Sauces and honey

• Vinyl records

• Dog food

• Seeds

Doing work around the house?

Fresh fruit and vegetables picked weekly at the local farmers market


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Don't forget the farming gloves, bandanas, scarves, and Rattler souvenirs!


• Painting and building supplies

• Plumbing supplies

• Wiring

• Oil for your vehicle

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